Clinisupplies; Continence and Urology products healthcare provider
Who we are

With more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare, Clinisupplies is among the UK’s leading providers of medical devices. Based in London, we are a growing enterprise with over 100 employees in the UK.

With a range of products that comprises of everyday solutions and complex surgical devices, we pride ourselves on the difference we make to the lives of those we touch. We believe this is about being committed to excellence and sustainability in everything that we do.

The UK business is part of the Healthium Group, one of the world’s largest healthcare organisations. Healthium operates in over 100 countries globally and has a footprint that extends across all 5 continents.

What we believe in

We know that the biggest challenge in healthcare today is being able to deliver lasting improvements in quality of care and sustainability. We believe we can make a real difference to our customers’ lives and to the wider health system by being committed to excellence and sustainability in everything that we do. Here’s how:

  • We bring people together – working together, creating together, and staying together allows us all to achieve more
  • We ask questions – learning more, exploring more, and nurturing more will ensure we are innovative and help us care for what we have
  • We are dynamic – so we can respond swiftly, adapt quickly, and renew regularly as healthcare changes and evolves
Clinisupplies healthcare career and development commitment
Our people

We are passionate about healthcare. We’re also passionate about people.

People are the driving force behind our success and as a growing organisation, we recognise the importance and the impact of uniting around a shared vision or a common goal.

Without great values such as agility, curiosity and collaboration, it simply wouldn’t be possible for us to deliver on our commitments to excellence and sustainability. Great people mean we can continue to develop high quality solutions and shape a culture in which everyone can be creative, challenge one another, grow productivity and build strong relationships.

Current vacancies
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