We are proud to be the sponsors of all Home Nations for the Wheelchair Rugby Sevens Union. Our belief is that sport, either participating or watching, is essential for communities and individuals.

The Wheelchair Rugby Sevens is an inclusive sport, with teams comprising of all genders, ages and disabled and able-bodied playing together. The sport of is as close a variation of the running game as possible, playing 80-minute games with trys, conversions and scrums too. Collectively, we aim for our partnership to raise the profile of the Wheelchair Rugby Sevens Union.

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We are excited to support Bladder Health UK (BHUK, Registered Charity: 1149973), a patient-based information and support group.
BHUK have helped thousands of people with bladder conditions with an aim for a future free from the pain, stigma and isolation of bladder illness. To achieve this, BHUK actively collaborate with other charities, support research and studies and provide great support to patients through resources. BHUK’s Confidential Advice Line supports patients and has a Clinisupplies Nurse Specialist available too.

We have partnered with educational providers Urology and Continence Care Today (UCCT).

UCCT is a free resource for everyone delivering urology and continence care, today. There are numerous resources provided including information and tools to develop clinical and personal skills and knowledge.

We are pleased that our support aids the provision of independently developed e-learning modules which count towards revalidation or CPD for Healthcare Professionals. UCCT offers several journal articles to keep up with the latest techniques and advice in urology and continence care.

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