The Wheelchair 7s Rugby Union is a new sport compared to other variations of the game known as Wheelchair Rugby (also known as Murderball which appears in the Paralympics).
We work together
How do Clinisupplies and the Wheelchair Rugby Sevens Union work together?

Clinisupplies began by sponsoring the England Wheelchair Rugby Sevens Union (and even played a game against them in which they were mightily defeated!). We know that thousands of people across the UK have conditions which mean they require continence and urology products; however, we also know that in sport, this doesn’t matter. We strongly believe that sport, either participating or watching, is essential for communities and individuals to unite and everyone should have the opportunity to try different sports.

We actively promote the Wheelchair Rugby Sevens Union across the UK because everyone should have the opportunity to play.

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How does the game work?
  • Use an Oval Ball
  • 80 Minute Games
  • Seven A-Side with rolling Subs (just like Rugby 7s)
  • Play a Scrum when ball is knocked on or forward pass
  • A Lineout when ball leaves the side of the court
  • A Try is scored by playing the ball over the try line with downward pressure (just like the running game), followed by a Conversion.
  • A Conversion is completed by playing the ball in a small plastic T Shape and then using the fist, it’s punched over the H
  • All points are same as in the Rugby Union
Who can play?
Who can play?

Anyone and everyone! Wheelchair Sevens Rugby is a fully inclusive sport; teams are made up of male and females of all different ages, as well as disabled and non-disabled players alike. It’s because of the sport’s inclusivity that there have been many instances of a disabled father playing in the same game as his non-disabled son or daughter.

If you think this sport sounds like a good fit for you and are interested in playing, take a look at the UK Wheelchair Rugby Sevens website here

You can get in touch with your local teams and find out more about getting started.