Five top tips for practicing self care

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It is important to look after yourself, especially when you have a chronic health condition. We have pulled together some ways in which you can make yourself a priority.

1) Read a Good Book or Watch your Favourite TV Show

Losing yourself in a good book is a great way to de-stress and provides you with some time out from the bustle of day-to-day life. It can calm you when you are feeling anxious, improve your sleep patterns and can even provide a sense of belonging. Even better, with the cost of living continuing to rise, reading is something that you can indulge in for free; check out local book swaps or your local library services.

Not a book person? Similar benefits can be derived from watching your favourite movie or TV show.

2) Get Baking

Baking is another way you can step away from the stresses of life and immerse yourself into something else. Baking can reduce anxiety and boost self-confidence. There is something so rewarding about eating something you have baked from scratch. The obvious perk to baking too is that you have something tasty to eat!

3) Practice Hygge

Derived from the Norwegian concept that encompasses cosiness and comfort. As we head into the winter months, practising Hygiene can be incredibly beneficial to your well being; forcing yourself to take time out and just be. Chances are, you practice Hygiene without even realising it, from snuggling up under your favourite throw, lighting that scented candle or just looking out of the window at the rain falling outside. By doing these things you are doing  things that prioritise yourself, which is the essence of self-care.

4) Have a PamperSelf Care with a Catheter

It might not be practical or affordable to treat yourself to a spa day but there are things you can do to make yourself feel good without investing a lot of time, or money, in doing so. Paint your nails, have a longer than usual bubble bath surrounded by your favourite music, or put on a facemask and watch an episode of a TV show. Even something like wearing your favourite outfit can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem…why save clothes for best?!

5) Say No!

We live in a yes culture; the pressure to keep up and fear of missing out means that we often say yes to things we aren’t really feeling. Self-care is about prioritising your needs and well-being, so if you aren’t feeling up to something and would prefer to stay home and relax rather than go out for that meal with friends, decline the invitation. Empower yourself to say no.

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