How Livfria® has Helped Users Live More Freely

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Back in January, we launched Livfria®, our next generation of collection devices  which has since gone on to win two innovation awards. To mark World Continence Week, we look at how this ground-breaking new system has transformed continence care for three users.


Simon has a spinal cord injury and, as a result of his injury, is doubly incontinent. Simon opened up and said that being incontinent made him feel “like a baby” because “you cannot control when you are going to pass urine”. One night, he recalls waking to a very distinctive smell where he had “for, I don’t know how long, been freely peeing into the bed”, which negatively impacted on his self-esteem. He goes on to say that a product that works, one that doesn’t make you feel like you are still in hospital, a product designed with you in mind and something that is safe, secure and you can have confidence in would be “massive” and would have a “massive impact”.

How has Simon found Livfria®

Simon found Livfria® to be totally different to anything else he had seen in the continence product world. “It felt more comfortable, it felt that it would fit more naturally around the leg, would be even mores discreet…I thought this is brilliant”. For Simon, he says Livfria® has given him peace of mind and he’s no longer constantly checking his lap or his leg – he can just get on with life.


Bev was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2009, five or six years ago she started experiencing bladder challenges as a result and was fitted with a suprapubic catheter. Bev has experienced some unwelcome situations in the past where people have stopped and stared at her catheter bag, which made her feel “so uncomfortable, it was horrible”. For Bev, a product she could totally rely on would be a “game-changer”. She goes on to say “If you’re going to be active or as active as you can be, you still want the opportunity to put a pair of shorts on, go swimming and not have it look like you’ve got this great big plastic white thing on your leg”.

How has Bev found Livfria®

“I loved it, absolutely loved it, couldn’t wait to try it!”. Bev has found Livfria® to be less obvious, more discreet and softer, “less plasticky”. For Bev, Livfria® is the first product that she has felt has been designed  for “the people wearing them, the lives that they lead and what they do with their lives.” It has given he confidence and freedom to go on living without worrying.


Lynne has been in a wheelchair, and an indwelling catheter user, for a couple of years now. For Lynne, her fear is that she might smell of urine, the idea of which is “just absolutely awful, a horror thing”. She stresses that, unless you live with these products, you really can’t understand what they are like.

How has Lynne found Livfria®

For Lynne, comfort was the first thing that she noticed about Livfria® – “Your straps were so much better, the were wider and much, much more comfortable”. She also found the bag fitted around her leg really nicely.

Watch the video to find out more about how Livfria® has helped these people live more freely:

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