What is a catheter lubricant gel and why should I use one?

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There are many additional products available to support the use of an indwelling catheter; a catheter lubricant gel being one of them.

A catheter lubricant gel can help make catheter insertion as comfortable & free from pain as possible.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use one:


lubricant gel

Catheter lubricant gels will help protect against friction from the catheter against sensitive urethral tissue. This will reduce discomfort when the catheter is inserted.

Reduces Pain

catheter lubricant gel

Certain catheter lubricant gels contain lidocaine; a local anaesthetic. These gels therefore numb the area by stopping nerves sending pain signals to the brain.

Catheter lubricant gels containing lidocaine can therefore offer pain relief to further enhance comfort during catheter insertion.

Protects Against Infection

catheter lubricant gel

Some catheter lubricant gels contain chlorhexidine (found commonly in mouthwash) which is an antiseptic and disinfectant. This can help reduce your risk of getting a catheter associated urinary tract infection.

Want to try a catheter lubricant gel yourself? You can see the range of gels that Clinisupplies offer here

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