Labour Standards

Established in 2000, Clinisupplies is a UK based medical devices company, specialising in the manufacturing and marketing of products for both the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Sectors.

Clinisupplies is supported by dedicated and experienced employees with a deep understanding of the medical devices market. The result is a reputation of providing high quality medical devices that are fully compliant with strict UK Specifications.

Our mission: access to precision MedTech for every patient globally

Our vision: to establish a global footprint in healthcare by 2020, enabling our innovations to benefit people today and in the future

Our values: Agile, Inquisitive and Collaborative

Clinisupplies understands the corporate responsibility we bear towards our partners, customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate and that may be impacted by our operations as a result.

Clinisupplies is against all forms of human rights violations, and this statement sets out the actions Clinisupplies will continue to take to improve on our understanding of all potential risks within the supply chain and put in place steps that are aimed at ensuring there is compliance with Labour standards throughout our supply chain.