Livfria® wins Further Innovation Award

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At this years Association for Continence Professionals Conference in Liverpool, Clinisupplies were delighted to win the ACP Innovation Award for it’s Livfria® collection devices.

This award is given at the conference each year to a recently launched product that demonstrates a clear improvement to the lives of consumers and facilitates clinicians to provide better bladder and/or bowel care.

Livfria® is Clinisupplies’ next generation of collection devices, setting a new benchmark in continence care with innovative features that promote discretion, security and comfort. The Livfria® system introduces a unique click-close connector, offering a secure connection with minimal effort. Additionally, the connector can be used for 28-day usage to help maintain a closed system.

Prioritising comfort, Livfria® leg bags have a dual-chambered design and soft, free-flow tubing, ensuring a natural fit and feel for the user. These features collectively make Livfria® a discreet, secure, and comfortable choice for the people that need them.

Following on from our recent success with the Red Dot Innovation Award, this is further testament that Livfria® is a life-changing collection device to help consumers live more freely.

Livfria® is available on Drug Tariff now. For more information see here or contact

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