Transforming Continence Care: Livfria® launches to enable you to live more freely.

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Clinisupplies is proud to launch Livfria, a groundbreaking leg bag and night bag system designed for individuals managing continence challenges.

Livfria sets a new benchmark in continence care, with its innovative features that promote discretion, security, and comfort.

Designed with the needs of users at its core, Livfria addresses some of the most significant challenges reported by users. It’s design, featuring a discreet pattern and opaque materials, ensures users can carry on with their daily lives confidently and with dignity.

The Livfria system introduces a unique click-close connector, setting a new standard in security.  Offering a secure connection with minimal effort. Additionally, the connector can be used for 28-day usage to help maintain a closed system.

Prioritising comfort, Livfria leg bags a dual-chambered design and soft, free-flow tubing, ensuring a natural fit and feel for the user. These features collectively make Livfria a discreet, secure, and comfortable choice for the people that need them.

“Our goal with Livfria was to create a product that goes beyond functionality,” says Nick Buckle (Chief Marketing Officer). “We wanted to give our users a sense of freedom and design a discreet product for the people that need to use our products . Discretion is often compromised in continence care. Livfria is more than a leg bag; it’s a symbol of our commitment to innovative, empathetic solutions in continence care.”

Livfria is now available on Drug Tarriff, and we hope it removes some of the challenges our users experience. For more information on Livfria and how it’s transforming lives, see here or contact

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