Clinisupplies has become a leading provider of Continence and Urology products. With trusted brands, such as Prosys and our intermittent catheter SensaCath, we have a range of quality products that offer positive clinical outcomes and value to the health system.

Everyone wants to live a normal life. That’s why our urology products are designed to be clean, simple and easy-to-use. Our range includes a host of everyday solutions including incontinence products; indwelling and intermittent catheters, collection devices, retention straps and sleeves, as well as a variety of other supporting products.

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Clinisupplies also has a portfolio of Wound and Skin products. Our well-established and well-known CliniFast range is quickly becoming the clinicians’ products of choice for a variety of wound and skin care conditions.

Our assortment of products includes tubular bandages and body-worn garments for dressing retention and light compression; support bandages for muscle and joint pain; and an array of consumable products including dressings, tapes, and gauzes.

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In Q-close, Clinisupplies offer a comprehensive range of wound closure products designed to deliver performance, convenience, and sustainability – without compromise. The portfolio is broad enough to meet every clinical need, yet simple enough to support effective rationalisation.

We offer a variety of high-quality needle types, manufactured to offer maximum strength, stability, precision and reliability. We also have an array of proven absorbable and non-absorbable polymers to suit different surgery and tissue types.

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