Prosys Leg Drainage Bags

More than just a drainage bag

Prosys® Leg Drainage Bags 

More than just a drainage bag

The risks associated with emptying and changing urine drainage bags are well documented. With this in mind, the Prosys® Plus range of drainage bags has been designed to help minimise the risks to both patients and their carers.

  • Each Prosys® Plus bag now contains a pair of latex-free sterile gloves to protect against cross-infection and maximise valuable carer time
  • Unique drainage tap will help patients and carers easily identify when the tap is open and closed
  • New lever tap drainage system is easy to operate and ideal for those with impaired dexterity
  • Stepped connector allows a safe and secure connection preventing leakage and accidental disconnection
  • Needle-free sample port facilitates safe and efficient risk-free sampling
  • The quick-dry backing helps patients remain comfortable and confident when wearing their leg bags
  • The anti-reflux valve in all bags prevents urine backflow
  • High quality medical grade PVC keeps unwelcome aroma to a minimum

Prescription product information

Product Code Description Size Box Qty Pip Code
P350S Prosys®  Leg Bag Short Tube* 350ml 10 299-6817
P350L Prosys®  Leg Bag Long Tube** 350ml 10 299-6767
P500S Prosys®  Leg Bag Short Tube 500ml 10 299-6825
P500S-LT Prosys®  Leg Bag Short Tube + Lever Tap 500ml 10 351-1474
P500L Prosys®  Leg Bag Long Tube 500ml 10 299-6791
P500L-LT Prosys®  Leg Bag Long Tube + Lever Tap 500ml 10 351-1466
P750S Prosys®  Leg Bag Short Tube 750ml 10 299-6833
P750L Prosys®  Leg Bag Long Tube 750ml 10 299-6809
P10LS Prosys®  Leg Straps   10 299-6841

*Short Tube = 10cms **Long Tube = 30cms

  • I would like to commend your products especially the Prosys leg bags and night bags. Your Head Office are proactive to establish our needs, not to mention your regular visits asking what more you can do to help us. Thank you for all the support you have given us.
    Nadine Garcia
  • Our Trust changed our various catheter drainage bags to Prosys. Part of our decision to change was to streamline products for patients in the Community to Hospital. Products are user friendly, comfortable and competitively priced.
    Beverley Bell
  • My ageing father-in law was catheterised due to ill health. Thankfully we were advised to use Prosys leg bags and night bags. The product is very simple, easy to empty, hygienic with disposable gloves and a useful stand for night use.
    Carole Campbell
  • I really like the catheter bags coming with gloves in them encouraging carers and staff to use them.
    Carolyn Freeman
  • We feel that the Prosys bags and stands are good quality for the price. Particularly the night bag stands with the antimicrobial coating as we have done a lot of work with infection control and are very keen to keep these as they are good quality.
    Penny Whitling