Prosys Leg Bag Straps

Leg Bag Straps

All Prosys® leg bags come with a pair of high quality Prosys® Leg Bag Straps. The stretchable non-latex, soft elasticated cotton Hook and loop fastening straps have been designed to fit Prosys® Leg Bags, but can also be used with other leg drainage bags.

Prosys® Leg Bag Straps are 25mm wide with a Hook and loop fastening system. Silicone lines on the reverse side of the straps help to secure the drainage bag to the leg.

Prosys® Leg Bag Straps are supplied in pairs and can be ordered independently.

To wash: Hand Wash in warm soapy water and hang to dry. Do not dry in tumble dryer or on radiator.

Product Code Pack
P10LS 5 pairs