imuDERM emollient

For the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions

imuDERM is a double humectant emollient containing UREA (5%) and Glycerine (5%), natural humectants found in healthy skin that keep the skin hydrated for longer. Humectant emollients supplement the absent natural moisturising factor increasing moisture retention within the skin and reducing transepidermal water loss (water moving from the inner to the outer layers of the skin). imuDERM also reduces water loss by acting as an occlusive barrier. 

Applications for use:

  • Emollient therapy for Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis
  • Treatment for dry skin conditions


imuDERM is a 2in1 product and can be used as:

  • Emollient - imuDERM is a humectant emollient helping retain moisture in the epidermis as well as acting as an occlusive barrier to reduce water loss
  • Soap substitute - imuDERM cleanses, softens and helps to restore skins natural moisture levels


Features and benefits:

  • Protects and restores dry skin to good health
  • Fast-absorbing and long-acting ingredients keep skin hydrated for longer
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and itchiness
  • Risk-free – less than 20% paraffin and kind to sensitive and fragile skin
  • No unwanted colours, fragrances or residues
  • Spend and Save- imuDERM is up to 57% less than leading product
  • 70% of patients agree imuDERM leaves their skin well hydrated


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  • My children aged 8 and 9 both suffer from eczema and dry skin.... have to say imuDERM worked wonders on them it dosnt leave an oily film after application which is good and their skin is a lot better. Thanks imuDERM, one happy mum.
    Michelle McLaughlin
  • Matthew's hands are so much improved and are no longer dry, flaky, bleeding or itchy after using imuDERM for several days. Thanks!
    Daphne Chamberlain
  • We use imuDERM emollient all the time :) it's cleared up my twins skin really well, thank you :)
    Alice Stephens