Clinifast tubular bandages

Tubular bandage for dressing fixation/retention and wet and dry wrapping

A range of tubular bandages for dressing retention and wet and dry wrapping.

  • Elasticated Viscose Stockinette
  • Light, breathable and soft fabric provides comfort
  • 5 colour coded sizes
  • Fully complies with Drug Tariff Specification 46
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Reusable and washable
  • Cost effective
  • Fabric content: 92% viscose, 5% elastane, 3% polyamide
  • Latex-free

*Clinical In Market Evaluation (CIME) of Clinifast Versajet Hydrosurgery. International Wound Journal. 6(1): 24-29

Reference Description Unit of Issue PIP Code NPC Code
BA0401/B Red line 3.5cm x 1m Box of 1 327-6383 EGP061
BA0405/B Red line 3.5cm x 10m Box of 1 - EGP018
BA0409/B Green line 5cm x 1m Box of 1 327-6391 EGP058
BA0413/B Green line 5cm x 3m Box of 1 327-6409 EGP059
BA0417/B Green line 5cm x 5m Box of 1 327-6417 -
BA0421/B Green line 5cm x 10m Box of 1 - EGP019
BA0425/B Blue line 7.5cm x 1m Box of 1 327-6425 EGP053
BA0429/B Blue line 7.5cm x 3m Box of 1 327-6433 EGP167
BA0433/B Blue line 7.5cm x 5m Box of 1 327-6441 EGP054
BA0437/B Blue line 7.5cm x 10m Box of 1 - EGP020
BA0441/B Yellow line 10.75cm x 1m Box of 1 327-6458 EGP055
BA0445/B Yellow line 10.75cm x 3m Box of 1 327-6466 EGP162
BA0449/B Yellow line 10.75cm x 5m Box of 1 327-6474 EGP056
BA0453/B Yellow line 10.75cm x 10m Box of 1 - EGP021
BA0457/B Beige line 17.5cm x 1m Box of 1 327-6482 EGP057
BA0461/B Beige line 17.5cm x 10m Box of 1 - EGP022