Clinipore Paper Tape

Non-Woven Surgical Permeable Synthetic Adhesive Tape BP 1988

Clinipore Surgical Tape is the best solution for both patients and healthcare professionals for providing a quality product at the best available price.

  • Easily tearable
  • Hypoallergenic and Latex-free
  • Gentle on the skin, especially when repeated taping is needed
  • Suitable for application even on moist skin

Applications of Clinipore Paper Tape:

  • Fastening small to medium dressings, particularly on moist skin
  • Fixing ostomy appliances
  • Fastening lightweight tubing
  • Taping over sensitive and fragile skin
  • When repeat usage is required


Reference Description Unit of Issue PIP Codes NPC Codes
AT3004/B 1.25cm x 5m Box of 12 229-0091 EHU026
AT3011/B 2.5cm x 5m Pack of 12 229-0109 EHU027
AT3028/B 5cm x 5m Pack of 12 299-0117 EHU028
AT3068/B 1.25cm x 10m Box of 24 - EHU019
AT3072/B 2.5cm x 10m Box of 12 335-3760 EHU020
AT3078/B 5cm x 10m Box of 6 - EHU021
AT3083/B 7.5cm x 10m Box of 4 - EHU022