Colostomy Pouches

Our one piece Colostomy and Ileostomy pouches include features that promote patient comfort and odour control.

The Zensiv pouch range; Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy (all one-piece) comes fitted with a skin friendly, flexible base plate that is made out of 100% Hydrocolloid


Is pancaking or ballooning an issue?
The integrated vent allows inward and outward flow of air to minimise the chance of pancaking and ballooning, potentially helping to extend pouch usage.



Provides a long odour neutralising pathway; the gas is therefore odour free leaving the filter.



Our Ostomy pouch range includes a viewing window which makes it possible to inspect the stoma as well as its output. It is also very helpful when applying the pouch to make sure it is located correctly over the stoma.


Code COLOSTOMY Vol. Double sided beige tissue Vent Stoma Dia. (Ø) Pack size PIP Code
One-piece colostomy cut-to-fit
C1NB10V 1-piece colostomy beige window vent filter Ø cut-to-fit 500ml
  • —
  • —
10-60mm 20 400-2044
One-piece colostomy pre-cut
C1NB25V 1-piece colostomy beige window vent filter pre-cut Ø 25mm 500ml
  • —
  • —
25mm 20 400-2051
C1NB32V 1-piece colostomy beige window vent filter pre-cut Ø 32mm 500ml
  • —
  • —
32mm 20 400-2069
C1NB38V 1-piece colostomy beige window vent filter pre-cut Ø 38mm 500ml
  • —
  • —
38mm 20 400-2077
One-piece colostomy cut-to-fit mini bag
N1NB10 1-piece colostomy mini beige window filter Ø cut-to-fit 150ml
  • —
  10-50mm 20 400-2085

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