Care for your Stoma and maintain comfort with our practical and effective ZenSetiv accessories.


Hydrocolloid Paste
Effective easy to use remedy to be used on crevices on the skin. Protection against feaces and urine.


Absorbent Sachets
Manage stool by solidifying and controlling odour and the sound of excessive movement from within the pouch.

  • Easy to use
  • Thickens the stool very quickly


Mouldable Hydrocolloid Rings
The rings protect the skin around the stoma so irritation is minimised. Mouldable rings are particularly useful, as they can be customised to fit different sizes and types of stomas.

  • Minimise leakage between skin and base plate
  • Optimal skin protection


Half Moon Strips
Strips are used on the skin to avoid curled edges of the
skin base plate. Half Moon Strips leave the patient feeling more
comfortable and secure.

  • Extended use of the skin base plate
  • Skin friendly


Protective Powder
An effective way to absorb excess moisture from the skins
stoma perimeter. The protective powder ensures that
the skin is in a favourable enough condition to apply the next pouch with
proper adhesion.

  • Easy application
  • Soothing effect on painful skin


Code Accessories Contents Pip Code
A2001 Hydrocolloid Paste Tube 57 gms 400-1970
A2010 Mouldable Hydrocolloid Rings - 50mm 20 Units 400-1988
A2011 Hydrocolloid Rings - 50mm/4mm 20 Units 400-1996
A2013 Hydrocolloid Rings - 100mm 10 Units 400-2002
A2015 Hydrocolloid Half Moon Strips 20 Units 400-2028
A2016 Microporous Half Moon Strips 20 Units 400-2036
A2018 Protective Powder 28.3 gms 400-2010
A2020 Absorbent Sachets 90 Units 400-0006

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