Prosys Flofit Urinary Sheath

Gives patients confidence to carry on with their lives.

  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Helps prevent leakage
  • Latex Free
  • Transparent: observing skin integrity

Flofit urinary sheaths promote a secure and comfortable solution for draining the bladder.

Supplied in a wide range of sizes and styles, Prosys® Flofit provide patients and healthcare professionals with a choice and confidence to select the right product to meet patient’s needs.

Available in three styles: Standard, Pop On and Wide Band. Each style is available in five sizes: 24mm, 28mm, 31mm, 35mm, 40mm


Product Code Size Qty PIP Code NHS Code
PSS24STD/B 24mm 30 406-0059 FUX059
PSS28STD/B 28mm 30 405-9762 FUX060
PSS31STD/B 31mm 30 405-9770 FUX062
PSS35STD/B 35mm 30 405-9788 FUX063
PSS40STD/B 40mm 30 405-9796 FUX064


Product Code Size Qty PIP Code NHS Code
PSS24POPON/B 24mm 30 405-9804 FUX065
PSS28POPON/B 28mm 30 405-9812 FUX066
PSS31POPON/B 31mm 30 405-9754 FUX067
PSS35POPON/B 35mm 30 405-9820 FUX068
PSS40POPON/B 40mm 30 405-9846 FUX069


Product Code Size Qty PIP Code NHS Code
PSS24WIDEBD/B 24mm 30 405-9911 FUX070
PSS28WIDEBD/B 28mm 30 405-9903 FUX071
PSS31WIDEBD/B 31mm 30 405-9887 FUX072
PSS35WIDEBD/B 35mm 30 405-9879 FUX073
PSS40WIDEBD/B 40mm 30 405-9853 FUX074