Hydro-Caine Lubricating Gel

Making catheterisation comfortable whilst protecting the integrity of the urethra

Hydro-Caine®Lubricating Gel is a sterile aqueous lubricating gel intended for use prior to urethral and suprapubic catheterisation. Other uses include rectal and colonic procedures, urethrocystoscopy, urethral dilatation and other instrumentation of the urethra.

Lubricant to protect against trauma

Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel provides a protective layer to ensure the smooth passage of the catheter or instrument through narrow parts of the urethra.

Syringe with smooth nozzle

The syringe enables distribution of the lubricating gel in a continuous even flow along the urethra. The smooth nozzle minimises the risk of trauma to the urethral opening.

Single use sterile package

Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel is presented in a single use, sterile package to facilitate Aseptic Non Touch Technique during catheterisation.

Cost effective solution

Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel is a cost effective solution enabling Clinicians to achieve significant savings, while also ensuring best possible outcomes for the patients.

Hydro-Caine® Lubricating Gel minimises the risk of pain, infection and trauma by providing an effective lubricant that contains antiseptics to reduce the risk of infection and a local anaesthetic to reduce pain during the procedure.

Prescription product information

Product Code Description Size Pip Code
HYD-006 Hydro-Caine Lubricating Gel 6ml 366-5528
HYD-011 Hydro-Caine Lubricating Gel 11ml 366-5510

NHS Supply Chain product information

Product Code Description Size NPC
HYD006 Hydro-Caine Lubricating Gel 6ml FST500
HYD011 Hydro-Caine Lubricating Gel 11ml FST499