Prosys Catheter Strap

Catheter Strap

No-one wants a catheter, sheath or leg bag to get in the way of them living a normal life. That’s why the Prosys Catheter Strap is designed to be simple, secure and comfortable – giving patients back the freedom to move around safely and maintain their own active lifestyle, without having to worry.


  • Discreet, easy-to-open pouch
  • Hook and loop fastening makes it easy to apply and remove
  • Conveniently reusable and washable


  • Clasp ensures the catheter remains fixed safely in position
  • Silicone beading gently grips the skin and minimises irritation
  • Compatible with all indwelling catheters and leg bags


  • Elasticated design allows for natural body movements
  • Soft, breathable fabric maximises comfort
  • Cut-to-size to remove any excess material

The Prosys Catheter Strap is available in a complete range of fully adjustable sizes for those with a urethral or suprapubic catheter, or those wearing a sheath and leg bag.

Product Code Size Length Qty PIP Code NHS Code
PCS40 Short 40cm 5 4085536 FUX093
PCS50 Adult 50cm 5 4085544 FUX076
PCS85 Abdominal 85cm 5 4085551 FUX095