Prosys All-Silicone Open Ended Foley Catheter

All-Silicone Open Ended Foley Catheter

Catheterising with confidence

  • Open ended to provide better drainage and reduced risk of blockages
  • Long-term usage for up to 90 days
  • Suitable for urethral and suprapubic use

Supplied with a prefilled 10ml syringe for balloon inflation and an empty syringe for deflation and removal. All catheters come in sizes 12-18.

Product codes and pricing:

M/F Size Length TIP QTY Product Code DT Price PIP codes
MALE CH12 40cm Open Ended 1 PCF12M10E £5.79 4190674
  CH14 40cm Open Ended 1 PCF14M10E £5.79 4190682
  CH16 40cm Open Ended 1 PCF16M10E £5.79 4190690
  CH18 40cm Open Ended 1 PCF18M10E £5.79 4191086