Vesica Catheterisation Pack

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians

Prosys® Vesica is the first sterile catheterisation pack to be developed in association with ANTT® (Aseptic Non Touch Technique) to promote and reinforce best practice procedures. Prosys® Vesica is a cost-effective solution that contains the necessary components to catheterise and re-catheterise patients.

Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians, Prosys® Vesica helps to deliver the best possible patient outcomes and optimises valuable carer time, as components are conveniently assembled in one pack in the correct order for the catheterisation procedure. Ease of use and time saving benefits in line with the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme, are at the centre of Prosys® Vesica solution.

Prosys® Vesica:

  • Designed to support infection prevention initiatives
  • Assists in “Releasing Time to Care” initiatives by saving time sourcing individual items*
  • Helps promote, standardise and encourage best practice for catheterisation
  • Minimises waste
  • Cost-effective solution

Prosys® Vesica range is available in three formats: Hospital, Clinic and Community.

These are available in both slide tap and lever tap options. The lever tap is ideal for patient with impaired manual dexterity.

*Releasing time to care – The Productive Ward. (2009) National Nursing Research Unit. King’s College London. NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Prosys® Vesica Hospital

Hospital Catheterisation Pack for use in hospital wards and departments

Product Information

Product Code Description NHSSC Code
VESHP01 Prosys® Vesica Hospital Pack GDW108

Prosys® Vesica Clinic 

Clinic Catheterisation Pack for use in community clinic settings

Product Information

Product Code Description NHSSC Code



Prosys® Vesica Clinic Pack - Lever Tap

Prosys® Vesica Clinic Pack - Slide Tap



Prosys® Vesica Community

Community Catheterisation Pack for use in outpatient and community clinic settings

Product Information

Product Code Description PIP Code



Prosys® Vesica Community Pack  - Slide Tap

Prosys® Vesica Community Pack  - Lever Tap