Prosys Leg Bag Sleeve

Leg Bag Sleeve

The Prosys® Leg Bag Sleeves are soft and comfortable and are designed to support the weight of a leg bag 

Guarantees support

As the bag fills it becomes heavier and may even pull on the catheter
causing discomfort for the patient. The leg bag sleeve guarantees
support and securely holds the leg bag in place. Can be worn on
either calf or thigh to facilitate long or short tube leg bags respectively.

  • Compatible with Prosys® Leg Bags
  • Includes cut-out for outlet tap
  • Washable
  • Discreet
  • Available in sizes small, medium and large 
Product Code Size* Colour Code Pack NPC
PLS3881 Small (24-40cm) Yellow 4 FST851
PLS3904 Medium (36-50cm) Blue 4 FST852
PLS3928 Large (40-65cm) beige 4 FST853

*All sizes are approximate and may vary dependent on user.