Our dedicated nursing team.

Clinisupplies has a team of highly skilled, registered nurses who have experience in managing the needs of people with bladder or bowel dysfunction.

What does our nursing team do?

Our specialist nurses work in conjunction with healthcare professionals from the NHS to deliver the best possible service.

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    Specialist Nurses

    Registered nurses – specialising in Bladder and Bowel

    Clinisupplies have a team of highly skilled registered nurses who have experience in managing the needs of people with bladder/bowel dysfunction. Collectively they have experience of working within urology, urogynaecology, continence and colorectal specialities. The Clinisupplies Nurses have recognised and approved qualifications in nursing, urology/ continence care and management.

    Our specialist nurses work in conjunction with Healthcare Professionals from the NHS to ensure patients get access to ongoing advice and support related to their bladder and bowel management.

    The nurses undertake an assessment and review for all people referred to the service and then suggest an appropriate plan of care. The care package will be discussed and agreed with the patient and the referring Healthcare Professional. They will ensure all individuals, their families and carers receive appropriate information and support, so that they are competent and confident in managing their bladder and/or bowel care.

    Our nurses provide honest and objective advice about appropriate supplies, products, and delivery options available.

    The Clinisupplies Specialist Nurse team is registered with CQC as a recognised provider of nursing care.

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    Partnering with the NHS

    Clinisupplies work collaboratively with NHS organisations by providing support to services that are undertaking specific projects or require additional resources to manage escalating waiting lists. Formal agreements with host Trusts are usually in the form of an honorary contract or a partnership agreement. Clinisupplies partners with NHS Trusts across England.

    Clinisupplies support services by providing a specialist nurse/s to undertake clinical audit or activities within the organisation that may have a direct impact on the quality of patient care being provided or patient safety. Our Clinisupplies nurses regularly support the provision of urology clinics for Trial Without Catheter and intermittent catheterisation.

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    Clinical Assessment

    Clinical Assessment

    After arranging a convenient appointment for you (either in your home or clinic), the Clinisupplies Nurse will carry out a complete clinical assessment. This will involve an informal chat to see how your bladder/bowel problems are affecting your day to day life. The clinical assessment involves a discussion on your medical history, medication and possibly a physical examination (after gaining your consent).  It is important that as much relevant information is discussed as possible to ensure the nurse can make an informed decision about individual needs. Together, you will identify how these needs can be met to achieve the best possible outcome for you. The nurse may also review any prescription medical devices you are currently using.

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    Clinical Training

    Clinical Training

    The Clinisupplies Nurses can provide everything from hands on training to advice and support on a range of day-to-day issues you need to consider when managing your products. Whatever your concern, no matter how small it may seem, you can be assured we will try to help. The Clinisupplies nurses offer clinical training and support to people using medical devices as part of their bladder/bowel management. Training may include intermittent catheterisation, indwelling catheterisation, urine drainage systems, trans anal irrigation, and urinary sheath appliances.

    Our nurses get involved with clinical study days providing current evidence in the fundamental aspects of catheter management and indwelling catheterisation.

    We also work in partnership with CQC registered care homes to deliver bespoke training.

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    Support for you

    Support for you

    Our aim is to work closely with referring Healthcare Professionals to ensure people have access to the best ongoing care, advice, and support. By effectively working together, your referring Nurse and your Clinisupplies Nurse will be able to offer a service that meets individual needs related to your ongoing care and management. Following a visit by the Clinisupplies Nurse, feedback will be provided to your GP and your referring Nurse.

    Our specialist nurses also offer an Appliance Use Review. This is a structured review undertaken by a specialist nurse who has skill and competency in continence or stoma care. The aim of the review is to improve your knowledge and ensure effective use of your appliance/product. It should also include guidance on safe and appropriate storage and disposal of your appliance/product.

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Please visit our education hub to find further supporting information

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