Our focus

Our environment

Beyond business as usual, we ensure that decisions we make every day mirror our commitment to the planet.

Our people and community

Our people are our biggest asset, and they are where change begins. They are our eco-ambassadors within our organisation and in the community.

Our progress and transparency

By regularly measuring and our impact, we make our progress on sustainability clear to all

Our sustainability pillars


The Green Packaging Initiative

As we explore alternatives to traditional materials, our goal goes beyond containment. It’s about environmental responsibility.

Supply Chain Mindfulness

While we produce single-use products, we’re actively exploring sustainable practices for our inbound supply packaging. Our aim is to continually improve the lifecycle management of materials, emphasising environmental responsibility.


We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility. We’re open to feedback and are actively exploring ways to increase our green efforts in the future.

Eco-Innovations and Collaborations

Being active BHTA members and hosting healthcare provider study days, we continuously seek and create innovations that resonate with our sustainable ethos.

Sustainable management

Commitment in Action

Our sustainability committee doesn’t just plan; they execute. With science-backed carbon reduction targets, we’re making green strides every day.

Eco-Mobility and Energy

Our commitment to a cleaner planet is evident in our electric vehicle transition and our pursuit of solar integrations. Tomorrow’s cleaner skies start with today’s actions.

Ethical and Efficient Operations

Our dedication to ethical labour practices reflects our unwavering commitment to responsible operations. While we strive to uphold high standards, we’re always eager to learn and elevate our benchmarks.

Proactive Measures

From a comprehensive packaging reduction program to robust cyber- security systems, our strategies are holistic, ensuring a green and secure future for all.

People and communities

Growth Blueprint

Clearly defined roles, value-driven awards, and an emphasis on internal recruitment mark our people-first strategy. We’re not just a company; we’re a collective of aspirations.

Voice & Value

Frequent engagement surveys, leadership development programs, and values recognition keep our pulse strong. Every feedback is a step towards a more harmonious, green workspace.

Health and Equality

From private health covers to diversity and equality measures, we ensure every employee thrives in a supportive, inclusive environment.

Community Catalyst

Our association with charities and granting employees time for local causes signifies our commitment beyond business, creating positive waves in the communities we’re part of.

Our commitments

Carbon Footprint

Compliant with PPN 06/21 and SECR standards, our 2022/23 data highlights our ongoing commitment to reducing emissions.

Inclusive Remuneration

We champion gender pay equality and celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger as a unit.

Safety and Productivity

Consistent monitoring of accident frequency and warehouse productivity ensures we’re always progressing and maintaining a safe environment.

Innovation Focus

We continuously invest in research and development, positioning ourselves to support sustainable healthcare solutions for the future.

Sustainable development goals.

Good Health and Well-being

Enhance lives to live freely with our advanced medical devices, bridging global healthcare disparies.


Responsible Consumption and Production

From transitioning packaging materials to promoting eco-product ranges, we champion responsible production and consumption.


Climate Action

Embarking on an electric vehicle transition and exploring more solar integrations, we’re active contributors to climate action.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Valuing our workforce with fair wages and ethical practices, we foster economic growth while ensuring decent work for all.


Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

As active members of BHTA and with our commitment to R&D, we’re diligently working to support sustainable industry innovations.

Your voice is pivotal on our journey.

Be a part of our mission towards sustainable healthcare
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+44 (0) 20 8863 4168