I feel Clinisupplies are a company that listen to both my opinion as a Nurse specialist and the needs of my patients offering a high quality product and service matched with competitive pricing. The company has been very receptive to suggestions for change and new ideas in order to meet the requirements of my paediatric client group.

I would like to commend your products especially the Prosys leg bags and night bags which we have been ordering from you on a regular basis for the past twelve months. Your team at the Head Office are proactive calling us on a regular basis to establish our needs, not to mention your regular visits to our Home asking to what more you can do to help us. As to Clinidirect home delivery service, the orders have come in all on time and correct. Thank you for all the support you have given us for the past year.

The support service from Clinisupplies is excellent, they have supported new booklets and leaflets for our service users making this a real personal and individual service. Whenever I have asked for information for evidence of best practice it is always given freely and without bias. Thank you for your commitment over the years to help us improve people’s lives who suffer from bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Clinifast garments are very very comfortable to wear and easy to put on. They wash very well and retain their shape and size after washing. They have made my treatment so much easier (the alternative being three layers of bandage). I would imagine that they are cost effective too against the cost of bandages which are needed twice a day, whereas these garments are still as good as new despite many many washings.

I approached Clinidirect due to a previous company not being able to fulfil our demand for catheter stock and other related supplies. The result from working with Clinidirect is an efficient delivery service, who, are always willing to go the extra mile if urgent stock is required or new residents to be added to our registration. One thing I particularly like is they only recommend using products on the local formulary, even if this means the products ordered are cheaper alternatives. I found the experience an absolute pleasure to do business with this company and I would thoroughly recommend Clinidirect.

imuDERM emollient is brilliant and my little ones skin is hugely improved. I have now got a big pump of it! My little boy had eczema in his ears, on his face and behind knees, also had dry patches on his body too. When we used imuDERM, he didn't cry when I applied it and cleared up his eczema really quickly! Much happier baby now! Definately best product we've tried.

The Clinipore silk was best for us because it has a good degree of adhesiveness but is not harsh on the skin. It cuts easily and can be torn if necessary (EG when no scissors are to hand). It is cheaper than Elastoplast and easy to handle in order to use our local technique for securing NG tubes. It can be used for all our taping needs. We are now ordering this as our standard tape and are no longer ordering Elastoplast or surgical tape.

Many thanks for the support you and your company have given us. After speaking to my staff the day after you carried out your training session I felt it was only right to contact you to thank you personally. The team were more than impressed with the content and professionalism that the training was delivered with. It was targeted at the right level and content and I look forward to further training sessions and a long working partnership with you and your company.

We as a trust changed our various catheter drainage bags to Prosys a few years ago. We have been extremely happy with the products. Part of our decision to change was to streamline products for patients in the Community to Hospital. The products are user friendly, comfortable and competitively priced. Clinisupplies provide a great after sales service delivering home packs to all the wards on a regular basis. All the wards also have contact numbers to call as part of on-going support.

My ageing father-in law was recently catheterised due to ill health. As a family we were thrown into a world unknown to us. Thankfully we were finally advised to use Prosys leg bags and night bags, that was the turning point. The product is very simple, easy to empty, hygienic with disposable gloves and a useful stand for night use. The leg straps are a real advantage and make him feel the bag is secure. Prosys has simplified a difficult time in his life.

As a specialist nurse it is essential to train my staff with best practice initiatives and therefore the Vesica catheter pack and/or the catheter pack with the catheter removal pack within it, is ideal. The catheter valve stays connected well and has an open and closed sign which is very helpful when showing the patient how to empty their bladder. Also I really like the catheter bags as they come with gloves in them encouraging carers and staff to use them and prevent any cross infection.

Commencing with Clinidirect has been a very positive experience. The initial assessments undertaken were personalised to the residents, choosing the best products for their needs. Deliveries are always on time. The training offered has been very good and well received by staff.

This is my little boy who's face was covered in eczema along with his neck legs and arms, after using imuDERM emollient it is finally clearing up to virtually non existant, before using the cream he would itch that much he ripped layers of skin off. Thank you imuDERM from myself and Joseph.

My children aged 8 and 9 both suffer from eczema and dry skin.... have to say imuDERM worked wonders on them it dosnt leave an oily film after application which is good and their skin is a lot better. Thanks imuDERM, one happy mum.

Here's my princess holding her imuDERM. She has eczema and in only two days her itching and redness has been dramatically reduced. Thank you imuDERM, you are marvellous.

We feel that the Prosys bags and stands are good quality for the price. Particularly the night bag stands with the antimicrobial coating as we have done a lot of work with infection control and are very keen to keep these as they are good quality.

Matthew's hands are so much improved and are no longer dry, flaky, bleeding or itchy after using imuDERM for several days. Thanks!

We use imuDERM emollient all the time :) it's cleared up my twins skin really well, thank you :)