Andy from England's Wheelchair Rugby 7s

A little about me

I’m Andy Holley

Eight years ago, I had a motorcycle accident. I broke my back, my ribs, my shoulder blade, my collar bone, punctured both my lungs, spent 2 weeks in a coma then 6 months in Oswestry recovering. This left me a paraplegic and a permanent wheelchair user. Since that life changing experience occurred, I refused to let it defeat me. Basically, if somebody says, 'You can't' to me, my reaction is 'I bet I can'.

My cup is always half full as opposed to half empty which I believe is the right attitude to have whether you have a disability or not.

Why I joined the England Wheelchair Sevens squad?
Why I joined the England Wheelchair Sevens squad?
Having previously played the rugby union running game for...
Lockdown Life
Lockdown Life
The first week of lockdown was strange. Suddenly my daily...
Just a few of my achievements
Just a few of my achievements…
I have been solo scuba diving in Egypt, been on safari in...
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